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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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pigeons. >> there's everything out there. we're near the bay. absolutely. got every kind of bird out there. >> reporter: this youtube video shows a flock of birds over the airport. they're attracted to the open, grassy space near the airplane. >> they should be scared by the loud noise. and sometimes they are not. and sometimes they choose to stay in the path of the aircraft here. >> reporter: in january 2009, a bird went into the engine of a united airways plain. more birds hit a plane a month later. >> a month of the situation, where united airlines departed out of here. and ingested birds on takeoff. and eventually, both of those engines were out of commission until they could be repaired. >> reporter: since february 2009, the airport has had 180
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bird strikes. right now, they are not allowed to shoot blanks or ammunition to shoo away the birds because the city municipal code forbids it. they are hoping to amend the code and allow biologists to use firearms. >> our major focus is to disperse the birds, using pyrotechnics. >> reporter: passengers say they like the birds. but not when it comes to compromising their safety. >> the flash bangs or whatever they do, that is the real key. if you have to shoot a couple of them down. i know people don't like to hear that. that's okay. maybe they get the message. >> reporter: now, the faa has mandated airports like san jose to do something about its bird situation. and tomorrow afternoon, the san jose city council would discuss this very issue. >> thank you, george.
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so, who should lead the troubled city, once considered one of the safest among the country? san jose is looking for a new police chief. nbc has learned two of the names to replace chris moore. one is jerry dyer. the last four police chiefs have come from within the department. tonight, residents came out to a neighborhood meeting to let the department know what they would like to see in a chief. >> i think the problems need to be solved by an outsider that's going to take a fresh look at the way business is done. >> we're looking for a leader that could invest some time into san jose, invest in the community here in san jose. and finish what i believe chief moore had started. >> chief moore is resigning by the end of january. another hearing is scheduled for this wednesday.
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san le andro is putting money where his fourth is, to taking money out of his paycheck. chris zapata, will take money out of his paycheck so two can get a $10,000 a year raise. with san jose and fremont on the hunt for a new chief, zapata hopes his contribution will influence his people to stay put. we're learning more about an oakland family that was killed on a crash on highway 50 over the weekend. he, his wife and 8-year-old son died on saturday night. their 10-year-old daughter survived. her father was a construction worker. her mother was a home care worker. and we're told they loved to ski. investigators are trying to determine why their toyota crossed into oncoming traffic and broadsided a minivan.
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a 4-year-old girl in that minivan was also killed. a memorial service for the family from oakland is scheduled for december 5th. this thanksgiving holiday was one of the deadliest in recent memory. 31 people in all died. that's up nearly 50% from last year. a dad hit a parked patrol car on 101 in palo alto. they were not wearing seat belts. 21 of the 31 people killed were not buckled up. authorities caught the san jose teen in concord on friday after a week on the run. that suspect is linked to last week's killing of a young man during a carjacking at a 7-eleven parking lot. the suspect's name is not being released because he is just 16.
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the other suspect in the case is in custody. he's 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks. san francisco wants the los angeles dodgers to pay up $1.2 million is at stake. the county wants to recoup the unpaid cost for caring for giants fan, bryan stow, at san francisco county hospital. stow spent four months at the facility after he was brutally beaten at a giants/dodgers game last year. they want to add the claims against the dodgers. the team ran into chapter 11. stow and his family are suing the dodgers were a reported $50 million. he grew up here. and now, he is buried here. the u.s. ambassador killed in libya has been laid to rest in california. a wreath of roses and american flag and handwritten notes mark
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the site in this cemetery where chris stevens was buried friday. stevens' family chose the site because their ancestors are from the area. >> my only thought is, they brought him home. >> stevens was born in the area and graduated here. u.n. ambassador and stanford grad, susan rice, will meet with john mccain tomorrow morning. rice will be asked by the senate foreign relations committee to explain her comments following that attack that killed ambassador stevens. rice initially described the event as a spontaneous fact. rice is considered president obama's first choice for secretary of state when hillary clinton steps down in january. it is tuesday morning in cairo. a little after 9:00 a.m.
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but overnight, we saw more skirmishes between demonstrators and riot police. a handful of protesters threw rocks. and police fired back with tear gas. the protesters have gathered in tahrir square for a massive protest later today against president mohamed morsi's constitutional decree. the decree grants morsi sweeping, new powers. six killed in oakland during the thanksgiving holiday, from wednesday through just yesterday. oakland surpassed the 2011 homicide total on friday. new at 11:00 tonight, stephanie reports that it could be far worse. >> actions speak louder than words. >> reporter: his audience tonight, new parolees at a hayward halfway house. kevin grant connects with them because he used to be one of them.
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in and out of prison, like the college friends he grew up with in oakland. but kevin grant wants to rewrite that story. he left his last prison spent? 1989. since then, he's dedicated to combing the trouble spots in oakland. >> the crime in the hottest spots of the area is not as high as the overall oakland. >> reporter: grant has been a violence prevention coordinator for measure 1. oakland police recognize his efforts as vital. >> some of the work that kevin grant has done has been a way to bridge the relationship they need to be out there. >> we go in there. we don't give out any information. opd won't ask us for information. we're blessed to have that relationship with them. >> reporter: these guys admit, it's tough. >> oakland is a spontaneous city, if you get in my parking spot today, how simple it is. you will get shot. >> reporter: the team sets up a
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week or two for round tables, face-to-face meetings between rivals to prevent retaliatory bloodshed. >> i would say we have about 75% success at the round tables. i'm talking about people who have bullets in their bodice from the person across the table. and the biggest thing that works, we let them know that neither one of you really want to die. >> he's one of three winners of this year's california peace prize. >> the award they're giving me is great. but what works better for me, is when someone sees me on the street and says, thank you. >> reporter: in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> inspirational to many people. coming up, a store window display that's attracting a lot of attention. >> what? >> the activewear company that has eye-catching terminology.
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and a scare in san francisco. why it turned out to be one big misunderstanding. and the labor fight heats up between south bay teachers and the school district. good evening. numbers dropping in the 40s right now. 44 in walnut creek. and 45 in napa. meanwhile, we're tracking a series of storms to hit the bay area.
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new details on a carbon monoxide scare.
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investigators say it was false alarm there was no leak. it was a smoke detector that had gone off. two people did test positive for elevated levels of carbon monoxide in their bloodstream. it is not uncommon for cancer patients to turn to marijuana for help. but what if you're just 7 years old. mckayla's mother has decided to give her medical cannabis. she gets two daily doses of oil treatment cannabis. >> without the cannabis, i feel more tireder. and with the cannabis, i have more energy, to like play and stuff. >> michaela's family lives in oregon where medical marijuana is legal.
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while mom's decision sparked some controversy, she has no regrets. saying he will do anything to save or spare her child. some 60 kids are diagnosed with leukemia each year. and the hospital has described cannabis for children. but caution it's important to adjust the amount for the child's age and size. the bitterness was put on hold during the thanksgiving break. but tonight, they were back at it. school teachers marched from the east ridge mall to the head of the school district. they want contract negotiations to be reopened. the district declared an impasse in late october, after six sessions, saying the two sides were too far apart. >> we're finding ourselves in a difficult position to balance the needs of the employees with the needs of the students. >> the proposal was couched that could not be discussed in its parts.
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>> a state mediator has been appointed to help broker an agreeme agreement. but that may not happen until january. some teachers have stopped assisting with after-school activities like sports or clubs. they hope the district will be pressured to return to the negotiating table right away. u.c. berkeley makes the list of the top schools in the country. but tonight, it's also being called one of the most dangerous. the average crime data for large schools with their own police departments. ucla came in at number one. u.c. berkeley wasn't far behind at number three. san diego state ranked seventh. fresno state, 19th. and u.c. riverside, 24. ucla is disputing the findings, saying its police department also responds to offcampus calls, making that report invalid. is it creative marketing or offensive? researchers are doing all they can to get your holiday shopping
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dollars. but some they one popular store is going too far. jean elle is at lululemon to explain. >> reporter: lululemon is wildly popular with yoga enthusiasts. but there's a window display that's attracting even more attention. some say it's a stretch. 'tis the season for holiday wind displays. most are bright and festive. one is raising eye browns. lululemon's window reads, good-bye camel toe. and hello, mistletoe. cue the nervous laughter and suggest the changes. >> as far as yoga pants go, what they're trying to do seems like it's a good idea. i would change the wording on the window. lululemon has a corner on the yoga-inspired market.
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one of its sellers is pants that never ride up. but the company has taken consumers down this road before. the caption, just say no to camel toe, sparked a controversy. lululemon fans aren't sweating the lingo. >> i think that would be helpful. i found a problem that i don't have the right type of pants. >> reporter: this time, the term is not in a national ad campaign. store managers can create their own ads that spark creative conversations. in a statement, the company says, we are passionate about educating our guests, regarding the technical teachers of our products in an open, and lighthearted way. here in san francisco, i'm told the window will soon read, what the fluff? as a reference to some new down products. reporting live in san francisco,
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jean elle, bay area news. >> i'm not touching that one. >> i say we move on. jeff? >> let's bring in jeff raineri. >> good evening, guys. from the weather center, we're tracking changes coming our way, as we continue throughout this week. we're going to give you a full-screen view of our graphics tonight. we are tracking, once again, clear skies across the north bay, down to the south bay, with rain-free conditions. however, we have a flood watch issued here, throughout the sacramento valley, as we head in the next 24 to 48 hours. in advance to several storm systems coming our way. let's get a look at the next 48 hours. there's a powerful storm sitting out in the pacific. it's very strong, not only by our standards, but by world standards. the center of that storm will be heading up into british columbia. we're going to get the bottom edge of the storm coming your way, as early as wednesday morning to provide us strong and powerful winds. there we are.
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the magic of tv. thank you, crew. not only the storm coming on in, as we head throughout wednesday. but the jet stream staying across california for the next five days. that's going to allow wednesday's storm to roll in and four other systems as we head through this week. nonetheless, it's going to be busy for us. as we head through the next 48 hours, we're going to find temperatures in the 50s and 60s. that storm is going to near us offshore. own wednesday, it will introduce the rain and the wind. let's get a look at the future cast. tomorrow morning, we're going to start off with fog. likely delays in sfo. also, in oakland. you see the cloud cover in the north bay and oakland. by the evening hours, we'll stay dry. but we'll have the heaviest rainfall coming through the webd morning commute. if you have traveling plans on wednesday morning, you need to plan ahead and take extra time.
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heavi heavier pockets of rain. we'll see that rain linger into the afternoon. then, a second storm system looks to arrive quickly on the heels of this, as we head throughout late thursday morning, also into the afternoon hours. that's kind of the first one-two punch coming our way for wednesday and thursday. winds also increasing. for tuesday, about 15, 20 miles per hour. look at the bottom of your screen. the pinks and the magentas. that's 40 to 50-mile-per-hour winds on the legend. we could be covered in winds that could potentially gust as high as 50 miles per hour. trees that could come down. also, isolated power outages. the other thing to note with in a rain, two to four inches wednesday through saturday, we could see the creeks and rivers rise quickly, in the north bay particularly. we have to watch out for river flooding.
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tomorrow morning, it will be a cold start with the fog. and for daytime highs on tuesday, low to mid-60s. not too much different from today. and filters sunshine by the afternoon. the sunshine we had this weekend is long gone. your three-day forecast has the fog again tomorrow morning. the rain and wind arriving for wednesday. then, we keep the wet weather in the forecast for thursday. and then, another storm system. this will be the third one this week. as we head into friday. and then, we'll see wet weather this weekend. so, all in all, three storms coming. one on wednesday, one on thursday, and one on friday. get the gutters cleaned. and remember to take it slow in the traffic. the roads have been anything but pleasant the past few days. and it's going to get worse. >> and the wind they factor in. >> 50 miles per hour. coming up, some nfl cheerleaders go above and beyond to make a statement. we'll show you why they shaved their heads.
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we need new terms here. black friday starts on thursday. and cyber monday is every day. >> it goes on and on. huge numbers of online shopping is a reflection of not only just cheap deals but because we're so comfortable shopping online now. >> on smartphones and tablets, the flexibility that people have to shop on these devices they can shop anywhere, anyway. on paypal, we're seeing a 100% increase of mobile volume, last cyber monday into this cyber monday. >> ibm's data, a big gain in the number of people going online to shop. 10% of us shopping from our mobile devices. a heartwarming story. surprising yet powerful in its message. nfl cheerleaders shaving their heads. this was before yesterday's
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indianapolis/colts game. showing support for chuck pagano in indianapolis. there's the coach. a lot of the colts players have shaved their heads. these cheerleaders wanted to join in. the colts won the game and are in good position to win the playoffs. >> the ladies look beautiful, with or without hair. let's turn things over to scott reese in the comcast sports newsroom. >> jim harbaugh said what? the coach not as quick to settle on a quarterback. and the san jose state spartans. go to one of basketball's toughest road venues and give kansas a scare. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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scott reiss back in the newsroom. the quarterback controversy made sense. now, kaepernick has been great in two starts. leading everybody to think that he is the quarterback of the future and the present. everybody, that is, except -- >> alex smith is our starting quarterback. he has not done anything to lose that job. in fact, he's playing at a very high level. also, colin kaepernick, you can't categorize him as a backup quarterback. who is going to start at quarterback this week, my experience has been, both guys were struggling, myself and somebody else, we're struggling at the time, who is struggling less? you know? we'll start them this week. this is a unique situation to my
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own experience because both played extremely well. >> all right. no controversy here. just bad news. wide receiver, kyle williams, done for the season. he tore his acl yesterday in the win over the saints. kendall hunter hurt his ankle on the very same play. no word on the severity of hunter's injury. college hoops. san jose state at allen fieldhouse, taking on kansas. the jayhawks led by 23 in the second half. here comes san jose state. james kinney a drain from three. it's a seven-point game late. in the final minute, on the defensive. he had a triple-double, including 12 blocks. kansas hangs on to win 70-57. plenty of deserving candidates for pac-12 football coach of the year. the cardinal are 10-2, number 8
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in the bcs standings and getting ready to host ucla in the pac-12 championship game. a world series means bragging rights. a full share for the giants worth a record $377,003. that breaks a mark set by the 2006 cardinals. 50 giants received a full share, including melky cabrera. no word on world series shares for those who broadcast giants shows. you'll be getting a pretty penny. >> thank you, scott. >> are we getting 40 cents? back in a moment. okay, here's the plan.
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you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my mother was so wrong about you. next, we get priority boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card.
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and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card. the mileage card with special perks on united. get it and you're in. i was happy the guy's okay. >> a superhero. that's martellus bennett. he had four catches last night.
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three catches in the game. but it's the catch he made after the game that people are talking about. bennett caught a fan who fell out of the stands, while trying to catch a souvenir. >> hey, what's up, guys? and i was handing them my gloves. and some guy, he was probably 48 years older than the little kid that wanted gloves. but he tried to take the gloves from the little kid. and the little kid took it and ducked. and he went over the top of the little kid. >> the man turned out to be a 52-year-old man who admits he may have reached for those souvenir gloves in the heat of the moment. reached over the kid. >> luckily, he's okay. but reaching over the kid? really? jeff, we wake up tomorrow morning. what are we looking like? >> we have fog at sfo. and wet weather, wednesday to saturday. we could see one to three inches of rain. and gusty winds. we'll is moral 4:30 in the morning. >> bye-bye.
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